Homeowners and business owners face the same challenge when it comes to access control. The purpose of access control is to restrict the entrance of people into protected areas. It allows the user to give access to a particular place for only the authorized few.

An access control system consists of the following parts:

  • User facing- card readers, access control reader and access cards
  • Admin facing- integrations, a dashboard for access management
  • Infrastructure- access control servers, access control panels, electric door lock hardware
Access control systems

What We Offer

1. Mobile or smartphone-based access control systems

You download an app into your phone and sign in with your user account. You are then able to open a selected door with the phone. You only need to place the phone near the door.

2. Cloud-based access control systems

The administrator can manage the permissions as the permissions for access are stored in the cloud.

3. IoT- based access control systems

Security cameras are used to monitor those entering and leaving the protected area.

With access control, your place will be very secure. If you have a damaged or faulty access control system, then we can help you fix it at a very fast pace, at an affordable rate.

Key Fobs and Key tags

Key tags are useful, customizable, and very attractive pieces of written objects that keys are usually attached. They are customizable in line with your requirements. They are used as key identifiers to know which key is for which door. They come in different sizes as well as varying designs and are purchased by many people for their usefulness. Their most important contribution is helping you keep your keys from getting lost.

Key Fobs are similar to key tags, but unlike key tags, they are electronic and can be used to transmit signals to doors so that they can open. They are mostly used by car owners as a remote control for car door locks. Even homeowners use them in some instances.


They can be simple cards with writings and images, either pre-made or custom made by the owner. They are used as key holders. They can also be access cards used to request access to protected places. You swipe or place it on a card reader on the door. If the required permissions are found in the card, then the door opens. Access cards are a part of the access control system and are widely used.

If you need installation, maintenance, repairs, or replacement of with your doors access control, key tags, key fobs, or card, then we are gladly here to help. We offer twenty-four hours of service every day of the week, including weekends. Feel free to call us at any time.