Our service includes
Emergency door repair
  • Door Break-In Repair
  • Door Unlocking
  • Kicked-In Frame/Door
  • Door Hinge Repair
  • Door Lock Repair
  • House door repair
Residential door repair
  • Front Entry Doors
  • Door Frame Repair
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Wood/Steel Door Repair
  • Screen Patio Door Repair
  • Sliding Patio & Screen
  • Glass Door Repair
Commercial door repair
  • Aluminum Glass Doors
  • Pivot Hinges Replacement
  • Fire Exit/Panic Bar Doors
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Storefront Entry Doors

We are the trusted door experts in Aldergrove town for almost a decade. Our experience ranges from door locks, various types of doors, handles, frames, and fittings to glass doors. We have always ensured that we get it right the first time on all our projects. If a client is dissatisfied or needs to make changes, we do so hassle-free.

Our professional services have placed us as the go-to doors and accessories company in Aldergrove. We offer a variety of services, from minor door repairs and adjustments to complete door installation in new building projects. Our clients range from corporate to private residential homeowners. Our range of products ensured that your requirements are adhered to without compromise, and this has endeared us to an almost fan base-like clientele.

We offer varied support services and after-sales services to ensure our customers’ value for money is realized. Whenever you require repairs or replacements to your door, be sure to give us a call and be taken away by our timely and cost-efficient doors and locks services.

Door Repair Services in Aldergrove

Our Door Repair Services

Have you been yearning to repair your residential or commercial door repair in Aldergrove? Then you don’t have to worry anymore. We are a leading door repair company in Aldergrove. We have cut our niche in repairing doors and installing new ones altogether when there is a need. It never matters the kind of problem you are experiencing with the door. We can repair broken hinges, worn-out rollers and will help you install a new lock. From our years of experience, the material used in the manufacture of the door does not matter. We also use the most recent technologies in repairing your door. Reach out to us today, and your worries will be ironed out.

Emergency Door Repair Aldergrove

Doors, just like any other parts of your house, are prone to tear and wear. This means that they can breakdown without warning. However, this can happen at a time when least expected. When this happens to you, then you will be in dire need of emergency services. We leave nothing to chance. We have an emergency team on the standby that will ensure you get help in such circumstances. It is simple, just make a phone call to our customer care line, and a team will be dispatched to your location. The team is well trained and experienced to handle the emergency within the shortest time ever. Call us today, and we will surely help you out.

Residential Door Repair Aldergrove

Why should a residence be safeguarded from intruders whose intentions are not clear? It could be your home or family space, or even a rented property for your tenants. You need to complete safety for your family or tenants in Aldergrove. We offer full residential door repair in Aldergrove at affordable rates all day and night. Our team of technicians are also experienced, qualified, and have a high sense of professionalism. Call us today to get a taste of our quality and give your family and tenants a better door repair experience.

Our company "Top Door Repair" is proud to serve this area:

Commercial Door Repair Aldergrove

On the other hand, commercial buildings are a reservation for some of the most valuable assets, including machines, food staff, and many more important tools of the trade that these businesses trade-in and use to accelerate their business operations. With this kind of property, broken doors and sticky doors are disgusting features to your store. Broken automatic features can also leave your doors barred from outside for a long time, thereby upsetting your business for a long time unintentionally. Locking your customers out for a few minutes alone is enough to ruin your business performance. Call us today for all your commercial door repairs needs, and we will send a qualified, certified professional technician to your door immediately.