We don’t usually think much about doors, unless they wear out, during renovations, or after a break-in. But whatever your reasons for looking at door replacement options, Top Door Repair can help.

Curb Appeal And Interior Decor

New doors refresh the look of a home or business without a major renovation. Changing out the old door for a new one can expand a new entryway.

Inside the house, current trends for door replacement options add to your decor. So, if you replace or reface your kitchen cabinets, consider replacing your interior doors, too.


Burgers often look for an easy mark. Cheap wooden exterior doors are easy to kick in. And the sound of a door being kicked in is less likely to alter the neighbors than the sound of glass breaking.

New steel and fiberglass doors add protection because they are and appear harder to kick in.

When security is a serious concern, replacing exterior doors makes good sense.

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Door Replacement Services

Energy Efficiency

Older doors, especially those made of wood, and the door frames wear out over time. So, if you can feel a draft around the door, the outside air comes so your heated air escapes. You’ll be more comfortable and have a lower hydro bill with a new door and frame.


Strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs all need easy access. A wider door with a zero-clearance threshold and a lever-style door handle that you can open with your elbow make a huge lifestyle difference. While you trade out the stairs for a ramp, be sure to change out the door, too.

So, whatever your reason for a door replacement, call Top Door Repair in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland NOW at (778) 284-1271.