Problems with sliding doors often take their owners by surprise. The thing is that this is a very specific area where Top Door Repair company can help you.

The quality of a sliding door can be affected by a huge number of different factors. For example, time is not submissive to anyone, even the most high-quality and durable materials eventually become unusable. Most often, the repair of sliding doors occurs due to wear on the door roller. Sooner or later, the door completely stops, and the door cannot move at all. Weather, especially humid and changeable, leads to the fact that the components of the sliding door can become corroded, clogged, which leads to poor sliding.

It often happens that companies seeking to earn as much money as possible on their customers offer to make an expensive replacement for a sliding door where you just need to clean the rail so that the door starts to work like new.

But our company based in Burnaby and all the Greater Vancouver area does not do this. A kind word from our customers means a lot more to us.

sliding door repair Burnaby

Our Sliding Door Repair Services

We are proud to repair all types of sliding doors. You can see the most popular services below:

  • Sliding Glass Door Repair
  • Sliding & Patio Door Installation
  • Sliding & Patio Door Repair
  • Sliding & Patio Door Replacement
  • Broken Patio Rollers Replacement
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Repair and installation of tracks

Why Choose Our Company in Burnaby

We quickly implement small and big commercial or residential projects, performing work on time and on budget. We have been working in the Burnaby region for several decades, and we carry out dozens of repairs of sliding doors of varying complexity every week. Our team of specialists has been forming for more than one year, which is why we are so confident in it.

Our experienced door repair professionals help provide some of the best door repair services in Burnaby at a very reasonable price. No matter what happened to your door, a professional repairman can help bring everything back to working condition. It is extremely easy to work with our repair professionals, they are very friendly and punctual.

Do You Need a Professional Technician?

It seems to many people that repairing a sliding door is a simple task that anyone can cope with without specialized skills. However, it is not. Often, people make things worse, which leads to additional costs for the client.

Our glass door repair vehicles in stores have a complete assortment of spare parts and products to take care of repairs on the spot, customers do not need to wait additional several days to get the desired result.

Do not delay repair! If you see that something is wrong with your door, it opens harder, slides more difficult, the lock sticks – contact us before everything becomes much worse and repairs are more expensive.