Since 2011, Top Door Repair have been repairing commercial doors for our customers in Vancouver. We desire to see our customers satisfied with the services available. That has informed our mantra of more exceptional quality for a happier customer.

There are several situations that we can help you handle. These include broken office door, faulty sliding garage door, broken hinges, and defective sliding door bearings, among others. You don’t have to worry, just let us know, and we will be able to generate for you a quote within the shortest time possible. Upon approval of the quote, our team of experts will swing into action to see you through the trouble.

When your broken hinges, creaking doors, and door frames that have chipped are maintained, your commercial building will have found a new lease of life. Equally, such an exercise can improve your home’s and office’s aesthetics.

Commercial Door Repair

How we do our work

Our Vancouver team will always strive to ensure that the customer is satisfied. We rest assured of such results owing to our team’s specialization. The team is well equipped to undertake a wide range of activities. Unlike other companies that will only end at cosmetic repairs to your commercial door, our skilled personnel will ensure that the issue is appropriately fixed regardless of whether the door is made of steel, metal, wood or hollow metal. The team will also ensure that frames of your metal door, hinges, and your glass door are well fixed. With the right connections at hand and readily available competent suppliers of entries, we assure you that we will give a lease of life to your home. All you need to do is to place an order, and we’ll get the right replacement you need.

Our team

Our repair and maintenance team is one of the fastest and efficient ever in conducting door replacements as well as doing repairs. We understand how essential your door is for you. Be rest assured that the repair process will take the shortest time ever. This will help you restore normalcy within the appropriate time.

Solution for Commercial Doors

We have an emergency response unit that mainly concentrates on repairing commercial doors. This team is available round the clock. We do this since we know the challenges faced by businesses. Business enterprises are more prone to burglary and vandalism. We help you take precautionary measures for such unfortunate incidences.

Locksmith Services

A stable door without a proper lock is in vain. There are incidences in which homes and business premises with the best doors have been vandalized. We provide you a lasting solution in this front. Our team of locksmiths is extensively experienced. Regardless of the lock on your door, this team will come in handy. We do not limit our services to keys, deadbolts, and knob replacement but also do the management of crucial lock changes and emergency lockouts. We also ensure the immediate installation of high-security locks. We have pride when you are away from the office while office security is guaranteed. That’s why we do the range of business locksmith all over the GVA.