Since 2011, we’ve been providing emergency door repair services for our customers in Vancouver. Top Door Repair provide quality services at such times with the view of ensuring that they are satisfied. We specialize in some of the most common problems associated with doors, such as worn-out hinges and rollers.

We also help in maintaining doors and door frames that have chipped. This allows businesses to restore their lost glory. You don’t let go of any door issue without being attended to even if it is just a wobbling patio door slider.

Emergency door repair

24/7 Availability

All you need for emergency service in Vancouver is a team of dedicated, skilled personnel who are available round the clock to fix your door problems. The moment you call us in to help you, our response team, which is always on standby, will come to your aid within the shortest time ever.

Special care for Glass Doors

Glass doors are aesthetically attractive. However, they can be easily broken if adequate attention is not paid in their maintenance. When such an unfortunate ending begets your door, then you should not worry. We can install whichever form of glass door if need be. However, we can also repair such an entry.

Repairing Frames

Many homeowners in Vancouver lately report to our cases of broken door frames either at work or home. This should not stress you up. We are available to help fix such mishaps by either replacing the structure entirely or repairing the broken parts.

Glass repair

You can also become a victim of burglary, resulting in a shattered door glass. You don’t have to worry. Our team is skilled enough to replace the broken door glass within the shortest time possible. Luckily, you will also be able to choose from a wide range of alternatives, depending on your taste. Your home’s lost glory will have been restored in a flick of a finger.

Tear and Ware

Just like any other usable material, doors wear and tear in the long run. However, this should not worry you. Just get in touch with us, and we will be ready to help you out with the problem. The most commonly affected parts are usually hinges and rollers for sliding doors. Such repairs are a walk in the park for our experienced team. They will replace them or suggest replacement of the whole door if need be.


Locks are an integral part of your door as they help in ensuring that you are secured. We also have skilled experts specializing in a locksmith. They will first assess the type of door in question. This will guide them in identifying the most appropriate lock for such an entry. Our locksmiths will also help you obtain copies of lost keys in your home if need be. This team has also incorporated the latest technology in ensuring that the locks used are burglar-proof and convenient. All the charges, including the work done by the locksmiths, will be integrated into the quotation that we will have availed to you.