Due to radical developments in technology, Home security has been greatly increased by the introduction of the intercom. Years back, telephone Entry and Intercoms were thought to be convenience devices where you press a button and talk to someone. Today they form part of a well-developed security solution used in the protection of a wide variety of facilities such as schools, industrial parks, warehouses, and apartment and office complexes. 

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Intercoms as Security Systems

Video intercoms have become an important part of an overall security system. When expanded to a network, these devices can work with both emergency communications and internal communications. These telephone entry and intercom telephone have been integrated to offer a lot of features such as opening parking gates, displaying key information, unlocking doors, emergency buttons, and video as a complement of the two-way audio.

Added Improvements to Intercoms

The end users can have Bluetooth credentials or cards, which can be integrated with their building’s access control system together with the intercom, for the purpose of directing to where they need it. Some of the new intercoms give the users the ability to call telephone numbers that are outside the system, thus sparing the users the cost of having a telephone. 

The Working of Intercoms

Intercoms are placed on both sides of the door. A person requesting to come in dials the user, and the user replies to find out who it is and lets them at their own consent. The old-age intercoms transmitted only audio, but the new age intercoms also have a video camera plugin installed. The user has the ability to see the face of the person requesting entry, therefore, providing more security to the user.  

The Working of Entry Phones

Entry phones are similar to intercoms, only that they are connected to a network. They are mostly used in apartments. Before getting access to the building, the guest has to dial the person they want to meet, the person then gives a command for the door to be opened, and it immediately locks after the guest enters the building. Telephone entry systems have been upgraded to a touchscreen for a better experience. An app can also be installed on the user’s phone to monitor the door.

There are various types of Intercom telephone entry & entry phones from different developers with varying functions and capabilities. Prices also vary depending on the technology used in their making.

Intercom and Telephone Entry Repair

These devices sometimes do fail to work, and this can be a great disadvantage to the user if they are dependent on the devices. They, therefore, need to be fixed as fast as possible. It is because of that, that we exist. We offer a twenty-four-seven door repair service. You can count on us to fix your intercom telephone entry and telephone entry for you. No matter the developer or type of device you use, we have experienced workers who will have your device functioning correctly in no time. Get in touch with us; we look forward to hearing from you.