Our service includes
Emergency door repair
  • Door Break-In Repair
  • Door Unlocking
  • Kicked-In Frame/Door
  • Door Hinge Repair
  • Door Lock Repair
  • House door repair
Residential door repair
  • Front Entry Doors
  • Door Frame Repair
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Wood/Steel Door Repair
  • Screen Patio Door Repair
  • Sliding Patio & Screen
  • Glass Door Repair
Commercial door repair
  • Aluminum Glass Doors
  • Pivot Hinges Replacement
  • Fire Exit/Panic Bar Doors
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Storefront Entry Doors

Ever heard of a reputable door repair company that provides professional door repairs services in Marpole? For nearly nine years now, Top Door Repair Marpole has been providing the people of Marpole with skilled, professional, and reliable door repair, maintenance, and locksmith services. We are the door specialist you can trust because we bring a quality of work and professionalism to all the jobs we do.

Our services extend to all types of residential and commercial doors. From sliding to glass, metal, steel garage, screen to patio doors, if you consider it a door, we can take care of the problem effectively at an affordable price. We replace and repair hinges, tracks, rollers, and door frames and fix alignment issues at amazingly low prices. Our technicians are also humble and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Our technicians and locksmiths have attended many years of training and gathered many years of experience providing sliding glass door repair, wooden door repair, metal door repair, garage door repair, and locksmithing services to more than 200 customers in Marpole. Our many years of experience are also in door-parts and whole doors replacements. We also stock quality genuine parts at customer-friendly prices.

Door Repair Services in Marpole

Our Door Repair Services

Have you been a victim of damaged doors or door frames before in Marpole and do not know where to stop for your door repair services? Look no more because our company has the best door repair service provider technicians in the city. We offer solutions to both your exterior and interior doors in both residential and commercial properties at affordable rates. Our team of experts understands the urgency with which door repairs should be handled and are constantly on the lookout for your emergency calls.

Emergency Door Repair Marpole

Getting an emergency door repair in Marpole is now as easy as getting your doors repaired by our professional door repair service technicians. We give you services you can trust with the highest customer ratings in Marpole. Predisposing factors such as heavy storms are rare in Marpole; however, when they occur, they hit heavily, thus necessitating either a full door frame replacement, patio glass replacement, roller replacement, roller track cleaning, or repair work on a torn door segment. When such situations knock your door in Marpole, you need a reliable company that can offer emergency response services for door repairs with minimal response time. Our locksmith crew will also handle your derelict lock mechanism and speedily resolve the issue whenever it arises. Just give us a call, and we will send a certified technician within no time.

Residential Door Repair Marpole

Our crew of professional door repair connoisseurs is at all times on the look for your residential door repair requests and reservations for repair anywhere in Marpole. We have a good customer experience rating in town, thanks to our wonderful emergency response team. We recommend you get in touch with our company for professional door repairs and replacement services immediately you experience issues with your doors that may otherwise compromise your home’s security. However, we will, at all times, pick your opinion before executing any repair or replacement of material. Call us today to get a taste of our quality and give your residence the best door repair experience.

Our company "Top Door Repair" is proud to serve this area:

Commercial Door Repair Marpole

Are you facing door repair issues with your commercial space in Marpole? Ever found a company that can handle your multiple door repair services for your business in Marpole before? Look no more because you are at the disposal of a reputable company that has the highest customer rating for commercial door repairs and replacements in Marpole. Commercial spaces are a host to company assets and are therefore the most expensive properties in the city. As a commercial space, you need a humble, courteous, and patient technician who will not handle your repair needs with arrogance but will employ utmost competence in caring for your repair needs amid your clients and even staff. This is the right time we should receive your calls to rectify the problems encountered.