Our service includes
Emergency door repair
  • Door Break-In Repair
  • Door Unlocking
  • Kicked-In Frame/Door
  • Door Hinge Repair
  • Door Lock Repair
  • House door repair
Residential door repair
  • Front Entry Doors
  • Door Frame Repair
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Wood/Steel Door Repair
  • Screen Patio Door Repair
  • Sliding Patio & Screen
  • Glass Door Repair
Commercial door repair
  • Aluminum Glass Doors
  • Pivot Hinges Replacement
  • Fire Exit/Panic Bar Doors
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Storefront Entry Doors

Residential And Commercial Door Repair Services In South Surrey

Are your doors at work or home squeaky, broken or sagging? Or maybe there was a break-in? Perhaps the door frame is rotten.


We fix all kinds of doors in South Surrey. Commercial and residential doors, metal and wooden doors, and even glass doors! We fix them all.

And we send professional door repair technicians to your door 24/7, quickly! Our GPS-based dispatch system makes sure the closest technicians are at your door in no time.

Call Top Door Repair NOW at (778) 284-1271.

We’re standing by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Door Repair Services in South Surrey

Top Door Repair Services

Exterior and interior door damage occurs in basically two ways. Sometimes the damage is sudden. Break-ins or weather can damage your door in an instant.

Sometimes the damage happens over time. Water. Age. Even just swinging a door open and closed causes damage over time. Doors have moving parts, so they need repairs and maintenance.

Top Door Repair in South Surrey offers both residential and commercial door repair no matter how they happen. As soon as you notice a problem with your door, call us for a FREE estimate. Door problems never get better by themselves. Don’t wait!

Call Top Door Repair in South Surrey NOW at (778) 284-1271.

Residential And Commercial Door Repair In South Surrey

Interior and exterior doors, at home and work, work hard! They provide privacy and security and allow us a passage from one place to another. We don’t think much about doors until they stop working perfectly.

Squeaky or hard to open doors start as annoying, but they can eventually become an injury or security risk, and even cause damage to the door frame or the floor. Sagging doors scratch floors very quickly, making the repair bill skyrocket!

So, don’t wait! Get a FREE estimate to get your doors fixed today!

Call Top Door Repair in South Surrey NOW at (778) 284-1271.

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