How to Remove A Door Knob That is Stuck

The appearance and usability of your residence’s exterior and interior door knobs are critical. When it disintegrates, unfortunately, it can cause a security concern as well as other issues.

When the inside mechanisms of a doorknob deteriorate, it becomes difficult to unlock the door and gain entry to that specific area in your home. A faulty door knob can cause a variety of issues, including getting caught up inside or outside of a room.

How to Remove A Door Knob That is Stuck

For a wide assortment of conditions, door knobs can become stuck. Temperature, humidity, wear and tear, and a faulty door lock or latch are all variables that can trigger a door knob to jam or break. Temperature-related concerns, on the other hand, will resolve themselves as circumstances shift.

However, there will be times when you will opt to take off a doorknob. Check out the materials needed and do the methods below to see if your doorknob requires to be replaced before consulting a professional locksmith.

Materials for Removing Door Knob

At some point, you might get confused about what materials you need to use since something like a stuck door knob will frustrate you. To lend you a hand, the following materials and tools are needed to perform the indicated methods here:

  • Spray lubricant
  • Wire brush
  • Flathead screwdriver or Phillips head screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers

Step-by-step Guide on How to Remove A Door Knob

Try to Jiggle It

Aim to shake unfastened the jammed portion by jiggling the doorknob. The fault could be that the hinges are not correctly linked or that the latch is malfunctioning to compress or expand.

Notwithstanding, don’t apply too excessive pressure or twist the handle too quickly, since this may cause the doorknob to snap even more. While a simple remedy, if the fault is the latches unable to retract or expand into the door frame, it might not be a preferred solution.

Use a Lubricant

To open a jammed door knob, apply lubrication to the doorknob actuator and twist it a several rounds to let the lubricant disperse. Check for corrosion on both corners of the mechanism.

If it’s rusting, clean it off with a wire brush and lubricate the mechanism to keep it running smoothly. If the condition remains, another little part of the interior of the doorknob may be to blame.

Removing A Door Knob that is stuck

Examine the Latch

The latch could be crooked and hooked on stuff if the door knob will not move when the latch is released. Hit the lock with a hammer while holding a flathead screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver immediately over it.

To release the latch, perform the process on its underneath. You could also examine if the strike plate on the door frame is misplaced since this could hinder your entrance from shutting effectively.

Thoroughly Examine the Doorknob Mechanism

To remove a locked doorknob, disconnect it from the door and the bolts from the plate. Examine the mechanism within the doorknob for any blockages or breakage. With needle-nose pliers, eliminate any impediments from the mechanism.

Search for potential loosened springs if your door has a sprung function. Reinstall the knob, as well as any loose bolts, in their proper holes.

Remember that screws should be tightened carefully. Then, to make sure it’s functioning correctly, try operating it. If it is damaged, find a way how to change the door knob for an easier solution.


For many individuals, figuring out how to remove a door knob that is stuck in a difficult undertaking. However, if you understand the appropriate measures to perform, this task will take little effort and time. For such instances that the mentioned methods above do not resolve your stuck door knob issues, replacing it is a one way to go.

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