Are you having problems with your door? Does it creak when closing? Or are the hinges rusty?

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A door closer controls the speed a door opens and closes. You see them all over in commercial buildings. For example, they are in offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and restaurants all over the Lower Mainland and in Vancouver.

There are several different types of door closers. Mostly they are reasonably simple mechanisms, but there are some more complex designs.

door closer repair in Burnaby

Usually, the closer installs on the upper part of the door, close to the hinge. But sometimes a spring with a hydraulic device is used instead to control the movement when the door closes.

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Different door closers suit different applications because a lot depends on the following factors:

  • The function of the closer unit for reverse checks, delays, and latch speed.
  • The door’s weight, what it’s made out of, other fittings and decorations.
  • High, medium, or low traffic use.
  • Installation placement options as standard, on the upper jamb or on the parallel lever.

Most importantly, the choice and installation of a door closer require a professional.


Hinges attach the door to the door frame, allowing the door to open and close. Functionally, the right hinge allows even distribution of the weight of the door. Too lightweight a door hinge and the door sags pull away from the frame and drag on the floor. This one decision can cause damage to the door frame, walls, floor, and the door.

While not as visible as some aspects of a door, changing the hinges can transform the appearance of the door. So, make sure your hinges match your knobs and another decor, if you want a uniform look. Just changing out the knobs and hinges can bring new life to old doors!

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door hinges repair in Burnaby

So, here are some ideas to keep in mind when choosing new door hinges.

  • Material: Door hinges come in steel, copper, aluminum, and various finishes. Start from the density of the material you need and then move to your own preferences for finishes. Then they are also polished, primed, and rust-resistant.
  • Configurations: Check out the different styles of hinges. They are called full surface, half surface, full-frame, and mortise floor. Their functions and look both make a big difference to your door.
  • Sizes: Sizes range from 2 to 4 inches. Bigger hinges tend to be heavier and used for heavier doors. Your Top Doors technician can make a recommendation that will work for your door.

Choose the right door closer and hinge repair technicians to make sure your doors are both functional and gorgeous!

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