How to Repair a Glass Door

Glass doors are quite hardy if installed properly, but with time in use and after exposure to weather for a long period, get worn out. The wear and tear may create weak areas such as cracks in the wooden frame rendering the door unable to keep you warm, safe, and secure as before. Glass door repair becomes a necessity of urgency, and with a few steps, you can save a few dollars by repairing the door yourself.

Glass Door Repair

Wood Cracks in the frame

  • The wood making the frame gets cracked, you can fix this with a few tools such as wood glue, wood chisel, stain marker, sticky tape, and a suitable knife.
  • Insert the knife tip into the crack and insert the wood chisel tip into the crack to pry the crack further open.
  • Inject wood glue into the cracks following their pattern as you remove the knife and chisel gradually.
  • Apply sticky tape across the sealed cracks in a horizontal pattern and apply some pressure to ensure the tape holds firm.
  • Leave the setup for about six hours before removing the tape.
  • After six hours, remove the sticky tape carefully and any excess glue while staining any glue on the cracks with a stain marker.

Broken Glass

  • The glass on the door is cracked or broken. Then you will need these tools to repair the problem; wood chisel, knife, lightweight hammer, replacement glass, glass cutter, measuring tape, rubber gloves, masking tape, door sealant, and some paint.
  • Wear your gloves for extra protection of your fingers.
  • Cover the remaining broken glass on the frame with masking tape to prevent you from getting cut by the glass particles when you are removing them.
  • Remove the sealant covering the remaining glass pane with a knife.
  • Remove the glass panel frame by gently prying it loose with the wood chisel
  • Note down the frame dimensions.
  • Remove the remaining covered glass carefully and dispose of them safely.
  • Clean the grooves where the glass was by scraping it with a chisel tip while following the groove lines.
  • Measure the glass opening left and note down the dimensions.
  • Using a glass cutter, cut the glass using the dimensions but making the cut one-eighth of an inch smaller to allow for expansion and contraction due to weather change.
  • Place the cut glass in the opening while applying the masking tape to the edges entering the grooves to hold the glass in place temporarily.
  • Reinsert the wooden glass frame while removing the masking tape and secure the frame with nails.
  • Apply door sealant to both inner and outer edges of the frame, ensuring you fill the holes left by the nails.
  • Leave the setup to dry for about six hours.
  • Paint your door with two coats of paint.
  • Leave the paint to dry before using the door.

Your door should be as good as new after you apply these procedures. The result will leave you satisfied, and you will have saved some money in the process of fixing your glass door.

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