How to Repair a Vinyl Door

Doors made of Vinyl, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, are popular due to the following reasons.

Vinyl Door Repair

  • They have low maintenance requirements as they are not prone to rot like their wooden counterparts.
  • They come in several styles, which are pocket-friendly and easily installable.
  • Require less input to install, such as painting as they have the coating, which provides effective cover and color to your door.
  • Vinyl doors are excellent insulators providing energy efficiency leading to savings in energy management costs in your home.
  • Vinyl can also be combined with wood to create a protective weatherproof door making it a versatile material.

Prolonged use can expose your precious door to cracks that can significantly reduce their security if not repaired in time while allowing weather elements to cause chaos in your home.

Sliding vinyl doors’ frames are also easily affected by hot weather, which causes the door to stick, reducing its mobility. In the evening, when it becomes cooler, the door contracts. This makes the door to move smoothly. With time, this expansion and contraction generate a crack on the vinyl door frame requiring door repair. When it is winter, the door frame contracts considerably, allowing cold air in and serious energy loss in your home. The frame may also be susceptible to warping after a long period of exposure to changing weather. This movement can jeopardize your very security by weakening the door panel leaving a loophole to intruders who will prey on this weakness to pry your door open.

Cracks in your vinyl door can let in crawling insects, rodents. Without proper care given in time, the crack can degenerate the door into destruction, requiring a replacement, which would prove costly. Intruders can have a field day with those cracks if not sealed, which is a great risk to allow.

The following tips prove useful to repair your vinyl door before bad gets to worse.

  • You will need a door sealant, preferably mastic liquid-based, a caulk gun for applying the sealant, and a small metallic scoop to smoothen out the sealant after applying it.
  • Clean the area using a damp cloth to remove any dust particles, dirt, and other particles and allow the door a short while to completely dry up.
  • Using the caulk gun, which you have filled with the sealant gently, apply the sealant on the crack from the upper to the lower part. Take care not to use too much sealant.
  • Take the scoop and use it to smear the sealant evenly around the surface of the crack until it is completely sealed off. Ensure you don’t leave a lot of wasted sealant at the sides of the crack since this may make the door appear unattractive.
  • Leave the door about two days to dry up before using it.
  • Vinyl doors have numerous pros, thus making it a good choice when you wish for a low-cost energy-saving door option and repairing it is also easy.

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