How to Repair an Aluminum Door

Aluminum doors are renowned world over, for their wide applications, durability, low maintenance costs while providing a good look and feel to your home or offices. Aluminum doors come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, and while these materials are generally long-lasting, it would come handy to have the information on how best to repair it yourself in case of the inevitable damage. This would help you cut costs. If your aluminum door has a screen and you need to repair it follow the procedures outlined below.

Aluminum Door

Aluminum Screen Doors with Holes/Tears

  1. Check for the number of holes in the screen and take precise measurements of the holes using a tape measure while ensuring you add some extra space. For instance, 1 inch to all sides of the tears to accommodate the repair wires movements.
  2. Get a repair mesh screen that you will use to remove patches from as you mend your screen.
  3. Cut patches of the screen with heavy metallic-cutting scissors ensuring you cut slightly larger than the dimensions you measured out on the tears on your screen.
  4. Mend the screen tears by weaving the patches. You just cut over the tears neatly by hand.
  5. Ensure you attach the contacts of the patch and the tear holes firmly using metal-binding glue.

Aluminum Door Screen Replacement

In cases where the door screen is completely damaged, and you wish to replace the whole aluminum door screen, use this procedure.

For this task, you will require a spline tool and some screwdrivers.

  1. Remove the door using the screwdrivers.
  2. Place the door on an even surface and remove the whole screen.
  3. Take measurements of the screen space on the door and note them down.
  4. Cut the new screen using these dimensions.
  5. Using the spline tool, place the screen in the corresponding slots starting from the left side as you move to the top.
  6. Using the screwdrivers to tighten the hinge screws, restore the door to its hinges.

Aluminum Door Threshold

Thresholds are very important parts of any door and must be kept intact due to their multiple functionalities. Aluminum thresholds are some of the most preferred materials used due to their longevity. The following procedure is used to install them during repairs that require threshold replacement.

You will require tools such as a hammer, a hacksaw or a metal cutter, an electric hand drill, a strong commercial adhesive, and some measuring tape.

  1. Check the old threshold and note its structure and how it has been attached to the door, this information will help you when replacing it.
  2. Remove the old threshold carefully and thoroughly clean the area under the door.
  3. Measure the old threshold and note down the dimensions.
  4. Using the measurements above, cut the aluminum threshold to size and place it under the door to check if it fits or may obstruct the door movement.
  5. Apply the adhesive on the cleaned surface of the door and attach the aluminum threshold.
  6. If the threshold has screws, drill holes on the cleaned surface of the door before using them to attach it to the door firmly.
  7. Clean any excess adhesive from the attachment.
  8. Ensure you apply waterproofing material to the edges of the threshold to prevent water seepage during heavy rains and rotting of the wood where it meets the aluminum threshold.
  9. Leave the attachment to dry for about two to three days before using that door.

These procedures prove invaluable for anyone wishing to repair their Aluminum screen without the hassle of calling door repair technicians. If you still have difficulties, then you can always turn to Coquitlam door repair company.

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Where to Buy Doors in Vancouver

Whether you’re building your own house or building, finding the correct doors saves you time and money in the long run. If you live in Vancouver, here is a list of the top seven companies that specialize in the supply of good quality doors.

Doors in Vancouver

Factory Direct Doors

This company is located on Vanguard Road in Richmond, B.C. They supply various types of doors, from fiberglass doors to wooden fir doors. Their doors have a wide range of applications, and they have a website where clients can view and search for their collection of door varieties and, if necessary, place an order. If  you need our help, then you can always turn to Langley door repair company.

North Shore Door

This company offers an array of doors including:

  • Flush Doors made from natural wood, Moulded Panel Doors,
  • Shaker doors which are touted as a favorite door type in Vancouver come with clear or diffused glass options, and an array of tailor-made styles to suit the client,
  • French doors which come combined with metals such as Patina and have features such as textured glass and Glass doors with room dividers.

They also offer installation services for clients and are located along Dollarton Highway in North Vancouver.

Doors Galore

This company is another one that offers exterior and interior doors to residents of Vancouver since 1996 and is located in the 120th Street in Surrey, Canada.

The company also offers technical service for those who need repairs done to their doors and boasts of providing door painting services right at their shop.

Western Doors

Located in Greater Vancouver, this company promises high-quality customized doors of various sizes and has a staining room that involves a process of applying various types of coatings to their doors to ensure the door can withstand environmental elements for much longer.

Their website has an online catalog for those who want to do their orders from home.

Door Depot

This company offers multiple doors and accessories, from wooden doors and door moldings to hardware such as door handles.

Located in Perma Door 12999 80 Avenue in Surrey, Door Depot offers Vancouver residents a wide variety of door styles to choose from and ensures delivery and installation is taken care of for all orders.

AG Doors

If you are looking for doors and you’re in Port Coquitlam, BC, simply walk into this shop, and they guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From their extensive catalog of doors and door accessories, they offer a door for every type of building situation.

Their doors have various opening styles from bi-folding eclipse doors to swing doors. Their door entrance configurations, door glass, and sidelite styles provide a splendid cocktail of styles to choose from.

Active Doors and Moldings

This company supplies residents of Vancouver with a large collection of exterior doors and promise prompt and professional door installation services to accompany your order.

Their website offers an easy to use interface for product viewing and placing orders. They specialize in various styles of wooden doors, fiberglass doors, French doors steel doors, and wrought iron doors. They can be found on 8519 132nd Street Surrey, BC.

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How Much is It to Replace a Door

Door replacements costs vary for a wide range of products, and additional accessories added to doors eventually lead to a spike in their overall cost.

Prices can also vary based on the service required when replacing a door, the material of the door chosen as a replacement, the method used in replacement of the door as well as the location where the replacement is to be done.

If you have questions, then you can always turn to the door repair Richmond.

The replacement of the door

Door replacement cost is largely anchored on the type of material to be used on it. Wooden, steel, fiberglass, and wrought iron doors come in various styles, which end up either inflating or deflating your door replacement budget.

Popular trends can also affect the costs of doors since people are nowadays leaned towards fiberglass doors than wooden doors due to their longevity, and while steel doors are less costly than the other two, people still opt for fiberglass.

Sidelights, decorative glass, and other accessories and addition such as moldings can also hike up the price of a door replacement.

The following is a list of cost implications vis-a-vis material of the door.

Wooden Doors

  • Solid and hollow doors attract a price range of between $30 to $250 and are mainly used for interior purposes.
  • Solid exterior wood generally costs between $500 and $3000 depending on the styles and additional accessories required.
  • Engineered solid wood fetches between $100 and $600 and is mainly an exterior door type.

Steel Doors

  • Doors are generally durable and thus require less maintenance over its lifetime; however, the surface must be kept scratch-free for as long as its aesthetic value is to be maintained.
  • Installation costs are;

Standard steel cost around $150 and $300 before any style additions or customizations are done to them, after which they would fetch between $300 and $1,500.

Wrought Iron

Are quite costly due to their security features, and retail between $1000 to $8000 and are commonly applied in glass used within the wooden base.


Comes in wood grain and smooth textures and cost between $200 to $2,500 commonly. Its durability and energy efficiency are some of the factors that make it one of the most popular door materials.

Composite Wood

Material is a relatively low cost compared to the others due to its composition; wood particles and glues subjected to great heat. The price range for this door type is generally between $50 and $600.


Door type applies to interior and exterior setups and includes sliding capabilities that place it at between $150 and $2,500.

Solid Core Doors

Doors are made from foam and/or wood particles and cost about $150 to $300, including installation.

Hollow Core Doors

Door types are typically made in a hexagonal like inner structure and require between $200 and $400 per door inclusive of installation services.

Door Frames

Frames have varying prices that generally fall between $250 and $700, but additional aspects such as the nature of the wall where the frame is to be fitted could hike the cost of installing frames.

Labor Cost

The cost of the fitting service can be anything between $30 and $120 per hour, depending on the type of contractor or technician handling the job.

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How to Choose Interior Doors

Doors that are located in the inside are the ones you want to stand out since they are the ones your visitors will notice as they move in through. Good interior doors add a cozy feel and denote a great sense of style to the ambiance inside your home or office, and thus great care is essential when determining a suitable interior door type. The type of door depends upon factors such as the intended purpose. For instance, it wouldn’t be wise to install a trapdoor in your kitchen. Certain doors, such as bedroom door, also require features for privacy. If you are in Surrey and you need our help, then you can always turn to door repair Surrey.

Interior Doors

There are numerous variations of interior doors, and thus these factors are crucial in determining the right door for you.

Door Style

You may require the interior doors downstairs to be more stylish than those in rooms upstairs due to the fact these doors are going to be noticed by visitors.

How the door swings is also a crucial factor to consider since it creates the right feel of the room as you walk in.

The material for the door is fundamental because of the contribution to the ambiance in the room. For instance, sliding glass doors can be used for the patios and balconies while the more solid varieties reserved for washrooms.

The door frame type is also important in selecting the interior door style as it complements the overall style of the door. Take care to choose frames that complete the look of the door rather than add a new look to it.

The door color also matters a great deal as it is the first thing a person will notice about the door. The walls and the door should have identical colors or color shades that rhyme to create a great rhythm of color in your home.

Room Spacing

The type of door in that space limits how a door should swing. The way the door swings can affect the safety of people in the house, especially children. If you have passageways, it would be wise to have the rooms within that passageway having doors that swing into the rooms. Likewise, the doors that may obstruct furniture need to be fitted to swing in the opposite direction to that furniture. In small spaces, it can be a big plus to plan for pocket doors as they can easily slide into cassettes in the wall next to it.

Heating and Ventilation

Interior doors are quite costly compared to the others but provide easier methods of ventilating a room while controlling the heat. Heated air rises, and this factor makes a tall interior door desirable to let the hot air out. This greatly reduces the cost of installing expensive additional air conditioning equipment to your home. In addition to that, tall doors are best installed at the beginning of a building project to allow for flexibility in planning for them and to facilitate creating space for them during construction.

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How Much is New Sliding Door

Sliding doors add flair to your room and let in much-needed light brightening up the room while keeping out very cold gusts of winds. These doors wear out or even get destroyed by extreme weather conditions and may require complete replacement. So how much does a new sliding door cost? Well, that depends on factors such as the glass type, the frame to be fitted, and any additions that you might require to complete the look. The cost of the door installation service can also raise the overall budget with up to over $3,000. Several factors are affecting the price of a new sliding door. If you are in Vancouver and you need our help, then you can always turn to door service by Top Door Repair.

Sliding Glass Door

Frame Material

Materials come in varieties of aluminum, wood, and vinyl with the former fetching $1,400 while the latter costs up to $2,000.

Door Size

Small-sized doors cost about $300 while taller doors require up to $1,200 in purchase costs.


Screen additions can push up your budget by $150.

Pre-hung doors

They come fully equipped and cost between $1,500 and $4.500


Those who are in geographically sparse locations endure a higher cost for doors that those within the locality of the door delivery and installation company. Factors such as transport costs often lead to this cost hike.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories increase the cost of a sliding door by a fraction.

Door opening styles

How the sliding door opens also dictates the price, with a left to right style demanding between $1300 and $3,000, right to left costs between $2,500 and $5,000 and hinged style offering variations that range between $1,500 to $7,000.


  • There are several types of glass panes to be installed to these doors, and each type has its price tag;
  • Low E-coated glass used for their energy efficiency costs $120.
  • Impact-resistant panes protect against the cost of the element between $220 and $750
  • Gas-filled panes which are known for providing excellent heat insulation cost between $400 and $700
  • High energy-efficient panes that conserve energy cost between $400 and $650
  • Tempered glass panes used for its security require $800 to purchase.
  • Textured panes ensure complete privacy by blotting out the view from outside and comes in various styles costing between $400 and $700 to purchase.


Most of these sliding doors have blinds built into the glass, providing privacy while adding style to the glass. These glass doors are easy to clean though the glass alone comes with a price tag of between $200 and $500.

In summary, the above factors contribute to the overall cost of a sliding door and must be taken into consideration when planning for the replacement of sliding doors. Whether you just want to change the old door for a new one or you have a loose door that allows cold to seep in, changing a sliding door for a new one is essential. However, keep in mind that reusing your door frame may result in reduced door installation costs.

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What to Do When Your Door Lock is Broken

Bolt Addressing

There can be some issues that arise around lengths of metal that leads to a broken lock. A deadbolt can only withstand some much force. A solid length of metal too can bend after a kicking attack, or there can be dislodgement of actuating mechanisms within the lock. Similarly, it can happen to latch bolts that are found in doorknobs and handles. These mechanisms are spring-loaded and can jam as a result of many kinds of misuse consequent of how they are built.

Broken Door Lock

The latch bolts aren’t the locks that give security to a building, but if they break might interfere with closing the door. Because of the significant role which deadbolts play in security, you have to take steps to fasten the broken lock extremely. Ensure that these bolts pull back and expand as they’re intended. Clean-up any debris that is inside the strike plate or within the cross bore holding the bolt. If you get that the bolt is too damaged, you can only replace the broken parts to save on the full cost of changing locks.

You should understand that this kind of re-adjustment can rigorously weaken the bolt if you want to bend bolts to take the right shape. When a lock is broken in this way, it is better to undertake to replace it, than trying to fix it. If the bolt fails to turn properly when the door is open, check it to discover if the issue is with the bolt and not with its alignment with the door jamb.

Alignment Fixing

You can move or widen the opening when a lock is broken because the bolt isn’t entering the strike properly. Cautiously move the strike plate as too subtle of a move can leave the holes for your set screws too wide to secure the strike correctly. Based on the weather, strike plate misalignment has to do with your door changing sizes. A moisture change tightens or widens the door or jam. After the broken lock is taken care of, ensure your door is protected from the elements to avoid the regular return of misalignment issues.

Fixing Connections

It might be fixed by going back over the lock installation process. A lock may be sagging or loose, not because a fastener has broken, but because the torque of daily usage has loosened the connections over time. You can fix a lock broken in this way by taking it apart and then re-installing if not completely broken.

There will be a form of replacement to fix a truly broken lock that is falling out of the door. The chance of the sagging is since the set screw housing failing for some reason or another. It’s doubtful that the screws themselves will have broken. Strive to fix the lock together without the door, and troubleshoot the assembly to find out what is not connecting.

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How to Repair a Broken Sliding Door

When your sliding door doesn’t function at optimum efficiency, then its time you repaired that door. Hiring a repairs technician would be costly, so I will show you a way to fix your broken sliding door by yourself using these tried and tested methods. You might be happy to find out that these methods will save you over $250. Isn’t that great? Well, let’s get to it then.

Sliding Door Repair

Damaged Rollers Problem

Rollers can collect hair, mud, and other dirt particles in the grooves, creating a movement problem on your sliding door. Here’s how to fix that problem. For this task, you will require a set of screwdrivers, silicone spray, denatured alcohol, and paraffin wax in separate containers.

  • Carefully remove the door from the track by turning the screws holding the rollers counter-clockwise to release the rollers then unscrew the doorstop at the top of the frame.
  • Place the door in a slanted position with the bottom facing towards you then unscrew the rollers. Damaged rollers should be easy to replace with spares from any door repair shop near you. If they have accumulated dirt over time, clean them by scraping off the dirt then rubbing alcohol on them before applying silicone spray to ensure dirt doesn’t get caught in them again.
  • Restore your rollers by screwing them into the tracks, before which you should apply silicone spray and alcohol onto the upper tracks, and apply the paraffin wax onto the bottom tracks to prevent rusting of the tracks.
  • Reinstall your sliding door by aligning it to the tracks starting with the upper track while taking care to align the door with the jamb on the latch side.

Problems with Door Alignment

  • Doors often get misaligned with time due to frequent use and to curb this;
  • Remove the door from the top and bottom of the tracks by carefully unscrewing the rollers from the latches.
  • Reinsert the door, starting with the top track as you move to the lower track sliding the rollers on the top and bottom tracks into place.
  • Screw into place the rollers to the latches using the screwdrivers.

Broken Screen

  • The screen of the sliding door may break for various reasons including accidents, and when that happens the procedure varies depending on how the screen is damaged;
  • After ordering for new glass, remove the trim around the glass, taking care to remove any shattered glass remaining around the frame.
  • Install the new glass pane into the frame, ensuring it fits firmly into place using glass adhesive.
  • Replace the trim and secure it with tacks.
  • Wipe off any excess adhesive from the glass.

Broken Seal

  • Bad weatherstrip can create weak seepage points on the sliding door screen. These points can be remedied by:
  • Finding the staples and use a screwdriver to loosen them before pulling it from the door.
  • Removing any residual elements before installing the new weather stripping.
  • Screwing shut the flange along the door edges.
  • After gluing all the strips into place, clean up any excess glue from the edges.

In Summary, prevention is better than cure. Ensure you purchase the best quality door products to reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

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How to Repair a Vinyl Door

Doors made of Vinyl, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, are popular due to the following reasons.

Vinyl Door Repair

  • They have low maintenance requirements as they are not prone to rot like their wooden counterparts.
  • They come in several styles, which are pocket-friendly and easily installable.
  • Require less input to install, such as painting as they have the coating, which provides effective cover and color to your door.
  • Vinyl doors are excellent insulators providing energy efficiency leading to savings in energy management costs in your home.
  • Vinyl can also be combined with wood to create a protective weatherproof door making it a versatile material.

Prolonged use can expose your precious door to cracks that can significantly reduce their security if not repaired in time while allowing weather elements to cause chaos in your home.

Sliding vinyl doors’ frames are also easily affected by hot weather, which causes the door to stick, reducing its mobility. In the evening, when it becomes cooler, the door contracts. This makes the door to move smoothly. With time, this expansion and contraction generate a crack on the vinyl door frame requiring door repair. When it is winter, the door frame contracts considerably, allowing cold air in and serious energy loss in your home. The frame may also be susceptible to warping after a long period of exposure to changing weather. This movement can jeopardize your very security by weakening the door panel leaving a loophole to intruders who will prey on this weakness to pry your door open.

Cracks in your vinyl door can let in crawling insects, rodents. Without proper care given in time, the crack can degenerate the door into destruction, requiring a replacement, which would prove costly. Intruders can have a field day with those cracks if not sealed, which is a great risk to allow.

The following tips prove useful to repair your vinyl door before bad gets to worse.

  • You will need a door sealant, preferably mastic liquid-based, a caulk gun for applying the sealant, and a small metallic scoop to smoothen out the sealant after applying it.
  • Clean the area using a damp cloth to remove any dust particles, dirt, and other particles and allow the door a short while to completely dry up.
  • Using the caulk gun, which you have filled with the sealant gently, apply the sealant on the crack from the upper to the lower part. Take care not to use too much sealant.
  • Take the scoop and use it to smear the sealant evenly around the surface of the crack until it is completely sealed off. Ensure you don’t leave a lot of wasted sealant at the sides of the crack since this may make the door appear unattractive.
  • Leave the door about two days to dry up before using it.
  • Vinyl doors have numerous pros, thus making it a good choice when you wish for a low-cost energy-saving door option and repairing it is also easy.

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How to Choose a Door Handle

Choosing a door handle is determined by factors such as style and how you want it to function, plus where you want the door handle to be. Door handles come in two styles; knobs and lever handle, while depending on which one you require.  Both need due consideration when selecting the right one for your doors. Door levers handles have been touted as the less difficult to use and come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. But how then, do you choose the right one? Below are five factors to consider before making your decision.

Metal Door Handle

Cost of the handle

This has to be a fundamental consideration for anyone, as you would love to have the best handle the market can provide. You would not wish to stray from your specified budget. Numerous times poor choice in handles can lead to additional unforeseen costs, especially for door accessories. Handles latches and other accessories are often sold separately when purchasing doors, and thus, consideration should be made to avoid disappointment. If you are purchasing replacement handles, it is important you only buy what fits into your door.

Look of the handle

The theme in your home will affect this consideration; for instance, the type of door in your home will affect your choice in handle style. If you have similar doors all around, you will need only purchase one type of handle. On the other hand, if your doors are different for every floor or section, you will have to mix styles, selecting the more stylish ones for rooms most often used.

Handles can add some flair to the overall look of the door, by complementing the style of the door and your home in general.

Door Setup

The type of door can influence your choice of the handle in numerous ways. Some doors are reinforced with heavy wood and, thus, require handles that can handle that weight without getting broken after minimal use. Certain doors, such as exterior doors, cannot handle hardware like handle sets, which come in sets of a handle and a deadbolt, which requires an additional hole to fit in.

Door Function

This aspect is vital since you will need to find out the expected frequency of particular door use, whether the door can be use used by the old and young. This consideration will help you choose a door handle that will suit the door while enabling easy access to the room behind the door. Some handles are best used in the front entrance while others suit furniture doors only.


Some handles offer better security than others. A Mortice style lock system uses the strength of the door to secure it from intruders. During installation, a small aperture is created on the edge of the door where the lock is fitted. This provides far greater security than any other locking system in the market, such as tabular or rim locking systems. These are preferred by installation technicians due to their ease of installation and door repair. Mortice locks are drill resistant and have a heavy-duty mechanism preventing any weakness due to frequent use that intruders can capitalize on. The system also has a special type of cylinder that offers up to two thousand different key combinations, making it impossible for a thief to carry one master key to open this type of locking system.

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Guide to Replace a Patio Door

Replacing your patio door becomes very necessary, especially if you have been putting up with a rusty, sticky, foggy or broken patio door or if you are buying a home or if you just want to improve the face of your home. Doing a patio door replacement by yourself may appear scary at first. However, it is a simple do it yourself process, which saves you up to 300 dollars on expert costs. This guide will take you through a step by step process on how to install a new patio door. If you are in Vancouver and you need our help, then you can always turn to Top Door Repair Vancouver.

Patio Door Replacement

Before you venture into the replacement process, you need a checklist of the required tools and equipment plus the right side of the door. This will save you time as you will have everything handy. The following tools will be required; utility knife, table saw, tape measure, reciprocating saw, pry bar, miter saw, level, hammer, finish nail gun, drill, clamps, and a 4-in-1 screwdriver. You will also need a new sliding patio door, flexible flashing, silicon caulk, wood shims, PVC cement, and PVC still pan.

  1. Begin by getting the door opening measurements of width and height. Using the tape measure, get the length between the door frames from stud to stud right next to the old door jamb. The height should also be measured from the subfloor to the top right at the top end of the door. Take these measurements the local door dealer and go through the door catalog, compare the rough door opening requirements with your figures, and choose the right standard door.
  2. Unscrew and remove the old sliding patio from the frame. Do this by latching the door and removing the top screws to loosen and remove the inside head stop before you tilt the top of the sliding panel to the inside and lifting it off the track. You may need help from a second person if the door is heavy. Proceed to remove the stationary panel by removing angle brackets and the door frame.
  3. Clean the door frame area, check for level, and fill any voids with caulk. Apply flexible flashing on the opening sides over and below. Install a special vinyl sill pan over the flashing. Use PVC cleaner to clean the joint overlaps and seal the seams with PVC cement.
  4. Join together the new door frame as per the manufacturer’s instructions, apply silicone caulk along the length of the frame, and tip it into the opening. Centre the door frame in the opening. You can use a level and shims to ensure the frame fits squarely into the opening. Screw it in place.
  5. Tip the stationary panels and the operable panels into the door frame. Tip the stationary panels first sliding it to about ¼ inch of the side jamb, top, and bottom. Install angle clips, trims, and weather-stripping appropriately. Once this is done, rest the sliding panel wheels on the tracks and tip it into the opening. Screw the head top and slide the door about ¼ inch from the frame while checking the gap from top to bottom. Adjust to ensure the gap remains even and the door can roll freely.
  6. Install the handle and the locking hardware.

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