How Much is It to Replace a Wooden Door

Considering a replacement on your wooden interior or exterior door and you are worried about the costs? Maybe you have purchased a home, you have worn out, or rotten wooden doors and you are beginning to worry about the additional costs of doing a replacement on top of the actual home costs. Or probably your wooden door has been ruined by a storm or a break-in attempt, or it has been kicked.

Wooden Door Replacement

The cost of doing a wooden door replacement is highly variant, depending on the size of the project and style of the door needed. Whether you want your door flushed, arched, paneled, pocket, bi-fold, or decorative, the style of door, size, design, and local coasts will determine the amount you are likely to spend on any wooden door replacement project.

Average Costs of Door Replacements

According to reports from HomeAdvisor members and general door replacement cost analysis, the average cost of installing a door is 957 dollars, with most homeowners spending between 472 dollars and 1,452 dollars.

According to homeowners, the cost of replacing interior doors in a pre-existing frame runs from about 100 dollars to 1,000 dollars. For entryways, the price goes up to about 5,000 dollars or more depending on the material, size of the opening, and structural changes in load-bearing walls. This shows that there is an enormous variety of costs of wooden door replacements, which further ranges from one place to another and from one technician to the other in terms of labor charges. It is, therefore, more advisable to engage a professional technician to give you a quote before you can begin your replacement process.

The cost of replacing a wooden door also depends on the following factors:


The more hardware you add to your new door, the higher the cost of the door. These include key locks, door handles, keypads, and door alarms, among others.


The different available wooden door styles have different market prices and different levels of appeal. The main wooden door styles include interior, engineered, and exterior solid.

  • Engineered solid wood: for exterior application, these wooden door styles range between 150 dollars to 500 dollars.
  • Interior: these wooden door styles may be hollow or solid. They are priced between 40 dollars and 200 dollars, depending on the design and other factors discussed above.
  • Exterior solid: prices range between 500 dollars and 3000 dollars and depend on whether they are single or double, whether they have sidelights, transom, glass, or are fitted with internal mini-blinds.

Frame maintenance

Proper frame maintenance will greatly reduce your door replacement costs as a properly taken care of door frame will not easily or break. These door frames can be reused instead of replacing the whole door system.

Labor costs

In most cases, labor runs between 40 dollars and 90 dollars per hour or more with an average of about 70 dollars for a licensed door replacement contractor. However, your location will edict the final hourly labor charges contingent on the cost of living there.

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