How to Repair an Aluminum Door

Aluminum doors are renowned world over, for their wide applications, durability, low maintenance costs while providing a good look and feel to your home or offices. Aluminum doors come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, and while these materials are generally long-lasting, it would come handy to have the information on how best to repair it yourself in case of the inevitable damage. This would help you cut costs. If your aluminum door has a screen and you need to repair it follow the procedures outlined below.

Aluminum Door

Aluminum Screen Doors with Holes/Tears

  1. Check for the number of holes in the screen and take precise measurements of the holes using a tape measure while ensuring you add some extra space. For instance, 1 inch to all sides of the tears to accommodate the repair wires movements.
  2. Get a repair mesh screen that you will use to remove patches from as you mend your screen.
  3. Cut patches of the screen with heavy metallic-cutting scissors ensuring you cut slightly larger than the dimensions you measured out on the tears on your screen.
  4. Mend the screen tears by weaving the patches. You just cut over the tears neatly by hand.
  5. Ensure you attach the contacts of the patch and the tear holes firmly using metal-binding glue.

Aluminum Door Screen Replacement

In cases where the door screen is completely damaged, and you wish to replace the whole aluminum door screen, use this procedure.

For this task, you will require a spline tool and some screwdrivers.

  1. Remove the door using the screwdrivers.
  2. Place the door on an even surface and remove the whole screen.
  3. Take measurements of the screen space on the door and note them down.
  4. Cut the new screen using these dimensions.
  5. Using the spline tool, place the screen in the corresponding slots starting from the left side as you move to the top.
  6. Using the screwdrivers to tighten the hinge screws, restore the door to its hinges.

Aluminum Door Threshold

Thresholds are very important parts of any door and must be kept intact due to their multiple functionalities. Aluminum thresholds are some of the most preferred materials used due to their longevity. The following procedure is used to install them during repairs that require threshold replacement.

You will require tools such as a hammer, a hacksaw or a metal cutter, an electric hand drill, a strong commercial adhesive, and some measuring tape.

  1. Check the old threshold and note its structure and how it has been attached to the door, this information will help you when replacing it.
  2. Remove the old threshold carefully and thoroughly clean the area under the door.
  3. Measure the old threshold and note down the dimensions.
  4. Using the measurements above, cut the aluminum threshold to size and place it under the door to check if it fits or may obstruct the door movement.
  5. Apply the adhesive on the cleaned surface of the door and attach the aluminum threshold.
  6. If the threshold has screws, drill holes on the cleaned surface of the door before using them to attach it to the door firmly.
  7. Clean any excess adhesive from the attachment.
  8. Ensure you apply waterproofing material to the edges of the threshold to prevent water seepage during heavy rains and rotting of the wood where it meets the aluminum threshold.
  9. Leave the attachment to dry for about two to three days before using that door.

These procedures prove invaluable for anyone wishing to repair their Aluminum screen without the hassle of calling door repair technicians. If you still have difficulties, then you can always turn to Coquitlam door repair company.

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