How to Repair a Broken Sliding Door

When your sliding door doesn’t function at optimum efficiency, then its time you repaired that door. Hiring a repairs technician would be costly, so I will show you a way to fix your broken sliding door by yourself using these tried and tested methods. You might be happy to find out that these methods will save you over $250. Isn’t that great? Well, let’s get to it then.

Sliding Door Repair

Damaged Rollers Problem

Rollers can collect hair, mud, and other dirt particles in the grooves, creating a movement problem on your sliding door. Here’s how to fix that problem. For this task, you will require a set of screwdrivers, silicone spray, denatured alcohol, and paraffin wax in separate containers.

  • Carefully remove the door from the track by turning the screws holding the rollers counter-clockwise to release the rollers then unscrew the doorstop at the top of the frame.
  • Place the door in a slanted position with the bottom facing towards you then unscrew the rollers. Damaged rollers should be easy to replace with spares from any door repair shop near you. If they have accumulated dirt over time, clean them by scraping off the dirt then rubbing alcohol on them before applying silicone spray to ensure dirt doesn’t get caught in them again.
  • Restore your rollers by screwing them into the tracks, before which you should apply silicone spray and alcohol onto the upper tracks, and apply the paraffin wax onto the bottom tracks to prevent rusting of the tracks.
  • Reinstall your sliding door by aligning it to the tracks starting with the upper track while taking care to align the door with the jamb on the latch side.

Problems with Door Alignment

  • Doors often get misaligned with time due to frequent use and to curb this;
  • Remove the door from the top and bottom of the tracks by carefully unscrewing the rollers from the latches.
  • Reinsert the door, starting with the top track as you move to the lower track sliding the rollers on the top and bottom tracks into place.
  • Screw into place the rollers to the latches using the screwdrivers.

Broken Screen

  • The screen of the sliding door may break for various reasons including accidents, and when that happens the procedure varies depending on how the screen is damaged;
  • After ordering for new glass, remove the trim around the glass, taking care to remove any shattered glass remaining around the frame.
  • Install the new glass pane into the frame, ensuring it fits firmly into place using glass adhesive.
  • Replace the trim and secure it with tacks.
  • Wipe off any excess adhesive from the glass.

Broken Seal

  • Bad weatherstrip can create weak seepage points on the sliding door screen. These points can be remedied by:
  • Finding the staples and use a screwdriver to loosen them before pulling it from the door.
  • Removing any residual elements before installing the new weather stripping.
  • Screwing shut the flange along the door edges.
  • After gluing all the strips into place, clean up any excess glue from the edges.

In Summary, prevention is better than cure. Ensure you purchase the best quality door products to reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

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