What to Do When Your Door Lock is Broken

Bolt Addressing

There can be some issues that arise around lengths of metal that leads to a broken lock. A deadbolt can only withstand some much force. A solid length of metal too can bend after a kicking attack, or there can be dislodgement of actuating mechanisms within the lock. Similarly, it can happen to latch bolts that are found in doorknobs and handles. These mechanisms are spring-loaded and can jam as a result of many kinds of misuse consequent of how they are built.

Broken Door Lock

The latch bolts aren’t the locks that give security to a building, but if they break might interfere with closing the door. Because of the significant role which deadbolts play in security, you have to take steps to fasten the broken lock extremely. Ensure that these bolts pull back and expand as they’re intended. Clean-up any debris that is inside the strike plate or within the cross bore holding the bolt. If you get that the bolt is too damaged, you can only replace the broken parts to save on the full cost of changing locks.

You should understand that this kind of re-adjustment can rigorously weaken the bolt if you want to bend bolts to take the right shape. When a lock is broken in this way, it is better to undertake to replace it, than trying to fix it. If the bolt fails to turn properly when the door is open, check it to discover if the issue is with the bolt and not with its alignment with the door jamb.

Alignment Fixing

You can move or widen the opening when a lock is broken because the bolt isn’t entering the strike properly. Cautiously move the strike plate as too subtle of a move can leave the holes for your set screws too wide to secure the strike correctly. Based on the weather, strike plate misalignment has to do with your door changing sizes. A moisture change tightens or widens the door or jam. After the broken lock is taken care of, ensure your door is protected from the elements to avoid the regular return of misalignment issues.

Fixing Connections

It might be fixed by going back over the lock installation process. A lock may be sagging or loose, not because a fastener has broken, but because the torque of daily usage has loosened the connections over time. You can fix a lock broken in this way by taking it apart and then re-installing if not completely broken.

There will be a form of replacement to fix a truly broken lock that is falling out of the door. The chance of the sagging is since the set screw housing failing for some reason or another. It’s doubtful that the screws themselves will have broken. Strive to fix the lock together without the door, and troubleshoot the assembly to find out what is not connecting.

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How to Repair a Door Lock

Deadbolts and handles are some of the door hardware, so when we talk about repairing doors, it is the hardware that can be repaired. There are different types of doors, and their locks may vary.

There are doors’ locks that can only be repaired by locksmith and their expertise though it is a good thought to try and repair it yourself before calling them. Listed below are a few guidelines that will assist you in repair door locks.

Door Lock Repair

If Key Turns But Lock Doesn’t Open

When the key turns, but the door is still locked, then disassemble the lock and check the bolts if the cam and tang are not in alignment then realign them. The lock the problem will be solved after checking for this reassemble

When Cold Weather Impact Your Door Locks

The lock is likely to be frozen when living in a very cold country, and therefore the key is not getting into it. In such a scenario, heat the key by rubbing between your palms and then slowly insert it into the keyhole and replicate the procedure until the ice in the lock melt.

Replace the door lock part

Try and disassemble the door lock if it is not working well and confirm whether any part is broken if so, then you can replace that part instead of purchasing a whole new door lockset.

Jammed door lock

At times dirt gets accumulated in the lock, which may further hamper the key from rotating smoothly. In this case, clean the dirt, and your door lock will start working again smoothly. You can as well add some graphite in the lock by rubbing graphite on the key.

Doorknob may become loose

Loose doorknob may be as a result of the knob not in alignment with the latch to bind. Here, confirm if the spindle has been damaged than changing it. Nevertheless, try to hold the knob on the other side of the door and turn it smoothly in a clockwise position and tighten the screw until it rests alongside the flat side of the spindle.

The key turns but won’t unlock the door

When both the key and doorknob turns, but still the lock bolt isn’t working, then the problem is with the mechanism. In such circumstances, disassemble the lock and check the worn-out parts and replace them. You can as well replace the entire lock if there is more than one part that is worn out for the best results.

These are a number of useful and simple steps to repair your door locks. Also, in case the key is broken and stuck in the lock, you can try to use a needle nose to take out the broken piece. But if the problem with the lock is complex, it is always a good idea to contact a locksmith and get specialist help.

The tightening of screws and adjusting strike plates do the job if the door lock is not clicking into position.