How Much is New Sliding Door

Sliding doors add flair to your room and let in much-needed light brightening up the room while keeping out very cold gusts of winds. These doors wear out or even get destroyed by extreme weather conditions and may require complete replacement. So how much does a new sliding door cost? Well, that depends on factors such as the glass type, the frame to be fitted, and any additions that you might require to complete the look. The cost of the door installation service can also raise the overall budget with up to over $3,000. Several factors are affecting the price of a new sliding door. If you are in Vancouver and you need our help, then you can always turn to door service by Top Door Repair.

Sliding Glass Door

Frame Material

Materials come in varieties of aluminum, wood, and vinyl with the former fetching $1,400 while the latter costs up to $2,000.

Door Size

Small-sized doors cost about $300 while taller doors require up to $1,200 in purchase costs.


Screen additions can push up your budget by $150.

Pre-hung doors

They come fully equipped and cost between $1,500 and $4.500


Those who are in geographically sparse locations endure a higher cost for doors that those within the locality of the door delivery and installation company. Factors such as transport costs often lead to this cost hike.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories increase the cost of a sliding door by a fraction.

Door opening styles

How the sliding door opens also dictates the price, with a left to right style demanding between $1300 and $3,000, right to left costs between $2,500 and $5,000 and hinged style offering variations that range between $1,500 to $7,000.


  • There are several types of glass panes to be installed to these doors, and each type has its price tag;
  • Low E-coated glass used for their energy efficiency costs $120.
  • Impact-resistant panes protect against the cost of the element between $220 and $750
  • Gas-filled panes which are known for providing excellent heat insulation cost between $400 and $700
  • High energy-efficient panes that conserve energy cost between $400 and $650
  • Tempered glass panes used for its security require $800 to purchase.
  • Textured panes ensure complete privacy by blotting out the view from outside and comes in various styles costing between $400 and $700 to purchase.


Most of these sliding doors have blinds built into the glass, providing privacy while adding style to the glass. These glass doors are easy to clean though the glass alone comes with a price tag of between $200 and $500.

In summary, the above factors contribute to the overall cost of a sliding door and must be taken into consideration when planning for the replacement of sliding doors. Whether you just want to change the old door for a new one or you have a loose door that allows cold to seep in, changing a sliding door for a new one is essential. However, keep in mind that reusing your door frame may result in reduced door installation costs.

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