How to Choose Interior Doors

Doors that are located in the inside are the ones you want to stand out since they are the ones your visitors will notice as they move in through. Good interior doors add a cozy feel and denote a great sense of style to the ambiance inside your home or office, and thus great care is essential when determining a suitable interior door type. The type of door depends upon factors such as the intended purpose. For instance, it wouldn’t be wise to install a trapdoor in your kitchen. Certain doors, such as bedroom door, also require features for privacy. If you are in Surrey and you need our help, then you can always turn to door repair Surrey.

Interior Doors

There are numerous variations of interior doors, and thus these factors are crucial in determining the right door for you.

Door Style

You may require the interior doors downstairs to be more stylish than those in rooms upstairs due to the fact these doors are going to be noticed by visitors.

How the door swings is also a crucial factor to consider since it creates the right feel of the room as you walk in.

The material for the door is fundamental because of the contribution to the ambiance in the room. For instance, sliding glass doors can be used for the patios and balconies while the more solid varieties reserved for washrooms.

The door frame type is also important in selecting the interior door style as it complements the overall style of the door. Take care to choose frames that complete the look of the door rather than add a new look to it.

The door color also matters a great deal as it is the first thing a person will notice about the door. The walls and the door should have identical colors or color shades that rhyme to create a great rhythm of color in your home.

Room Spacing

The type of door in that space limits how a door should swing. The way the door swings can affect the safety of people in the house, especially children. If you have passageways, it would be wise to have the rooms within that passageway having doors that swing into the rooms. Likewise, the doors that may obstruct furniture need to be fitted to swing in the opposite direction to that furniture. In small spaces, it can be a big plus to plan for pocket doors as they can easily slide into cassettes in the wall next to it.

Heating and Ventilation

Interior doors are quite costly compared to the others but provide easier methods of ventilating a room while controlling the heat. Heated air rises, and this factor makes a tall interior door desirable to let the hot air out. This greatly reduces the cost of installing expensive additional air conditioning equipment to your home. In addition to that, tall doors are best installed at the beginning of a building project to allow for flexibility in planning for them and to facilitate creating space for them during construction.

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How Much is New Sliding Door

Sliding doors add flair to your room and let in much-needed light brightening up the room while keeping out very cold gusts of winds. These doors wear out or even get destroyed by extreme weather conditions and may require complete replacement. So how much does a new sliding door cost? Well, that depends on factors such as the glass type, the frame to be fitted, and any additions that you might require to complete the look. The cost of the door installation service can also raise the overall budget with up to over $3,000. Several factors are affecting the price of a new sliding door. If you are in Vancouver and you need our help, then you can always turn to door service by Top Door Repair.

Sliding Glass Door

Frame Material

Materials come in varieties of aluminum, wood, and vinyl with the former fetching $1,400 while the latter costs up to $2,000.

Door Size

Small-sized doors cost about $300 while taller doors require up to $1,200 in purchase costs.


Screen additions can push up your budget by $150.

Pre-hung doors

They come fully equipped and cost between $1,500 and $4.500


Those who are in geographically sparse locations endure a higher cost for doors that those within the locality of the door delivery and installation company. Factors such as transport costs often lead to this cost hike.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories increase the cost of a sliding door by a fraction.

Door opening styles

How the sliding door opens also dictates the price, with a left to right style demanding between $1300 and $3,000, right to left costs between $2,500 and $5,000 and hinged style offering variations that range between $1,500 to $7,000.


  • There are several types of glass panes to be installed to these doors, and each type has its price tag;
  • Low E-coated glass used for their energy efficiency costs $120.
  • Impact-resistant panes protect against the cost of the element between $220 and $750
  • Gas-filled panes which are known for providing excellent heat insulation cost between $400 and $700
  • High energy-efficient panes that conserve energy cost between $400 and $650
  • Tempered glass panes used for its security require $800 to purchase.
  • Textured panes ensure complete privacy by blotting out the view from outside and comes in various styles costing between $400 and $700 to purchase.


Most of these sliding doors have blinds built into the glass, providing privacy while adding style to the glass. These glass doors are easy to clean though the glass alone comes with a price tag of between $200 and $500.

In summary, the above factors contribute to the overall cost of a sliding door and must be taken into consideration when planning for the replacement of sliding doors. Whether you just want to change the old door for a new one or you have a loose door that allows cold to seep in, changing a sliding door for a new one is essential. However, keep in mind that reusing your door frame may result in reduced door installation costs.

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How to Choose a Door Handle

Choosing a door handle is determined by factors such as style and how you want it to function, plus where you want the door handle to be. Door handles come in two styles; knobs and lever handle, while depending on which one you require.  Both need due consideration when selecting the right one for your doors. Door levers handles have been touted as the less difficult to use and come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. But how then, do you choose the right one? Below are five factors to consider before making your decision.

Metal Door Handle

Cost of the handle

This has to be a fundamental consideration for anyone, as you would love to have the best handle the market can provide. You would not wish to stray from your specified budget. Numerous times poor choice in handles can lead to additional unforeseen costs, especially for door accessories. Handles latches and other accessories are often sold separately when purchasing doors, and thus, consideration should be made to avoid disappointment. If you are purchasing replacement handles, it is important you only buy what fits into your door.

Look of the handle

The theme in your home will affect this consideration; for instance, the type of door in your home will affect your choice in handle style. If you have similar doors all around, you will need only purchase one type of handle. On the other hand, if your doors are different for every floor or section, you will have to mix styles, selecting the more stylish ones for rooms most often used.

Handles can add some flair to the overall look of the door, by complementing the style of the door and your home in general.

Door Setup

The type of door can influence your choice of the handle in numerous ways. Some doors are reinforced with heavy wood and, thus, require handles that can handle that weight without getting broken after minimal use. Certain doors, such as exterior doors, cannot handle hardware like handle sets, which come in sets of a handle and a deadbolt, which requires an additional hole to fit in.

Door Function

This aspect is vital since you will need to find out the expected frequency of particular door use, whether the door can be use used by the old and young. This consideration will help you choose a door handle that will suit the door while enabling easy access to the room behind the door. Some handles are best used in the front entrance while others suit furniture doors only.


Some handles offer better security than others. A Mortice style lock system uses the strength of the door to secure it from intruders. During installation, a small aperture is created on the edge of the door where the lock is fitted. This provides far greater security than any other locking system in the market, such as tabular or rim locking systems. These are preferred by installation technicians due to their ease of installation and door repair. Mortice locks are drill resistant and have a heavy-duty mechanism preventing any weakness due to frequent use that intruders can capitalize on. The system also has a special type of cylinder that offers up to two thousand different key combinations, making it impossible for a thief to carry one master key to open this type of locking system.

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